CITIZ'S Registration procedures

  • Security deposit: 150€, encashed and refundable when the contract ends
  • Registration fee: 40€ or 20€ (reduced rate)
  • Choose between our subscription plans and insurance options (more information)

Required documents

  • Your driving licence
  • Your bank details/IBAN number
  • All bank details from Eurozone countries are accepted
  • All credit cards except « American Express » cards are accepted
  • A proof of address less than 3 months old (electricity, gaz, Internet… bill)
  • Proof of a reduced rate if needed
  • A statement from your car insurance (should you have one)


I subscribe in an agency 

  • In Besançon: Citiz, Boutique Ginko, 28 rue de la République - 25000 Besançon.
        Or by appointment at 03 81 82 30 00 
        Centre d'affaires des Fabriques, 10 rue Pablo Picasso, 25000 Besançon.
  • In Dijon: by appointment at 03 80 55 14 14Citiz, 9B Cour de la Gare, 21000 Dijon.

Download, print and fill out the General rental conditions and the subscription contract for private customers or the subscription contrat for businesses to save time.

I suscribe by postal letter

Drive in France with a foreign driving licence

  • EEA driving licences are accepted without restriction
  • Non-EEA driving licences need to be translated and are accepted for a year only
  • Non-EEA driving licences need to be translated and are accepted without limitations if you hold a student visa (to be presented each year)

For more information: (in French) or ask your embassy / consulate